iPhone 3G Hits Retail Stores on July 11th 8am!

iPhone 3G Hits Retail Stores on July 11th 8am!

As an early-adopter of gadgets and other technologies, I will not be waiting for an iPhone 3G hopelessly like some folks who are even standing in line right now.

But for those of you who really feel the need to get the iPhone 3G, you need to be at your local retail store around 7am on July 11th and get in line if it’s not long.

– Valid ID required. Social Security Number for those who are new to AT&T.
– It remains unclear how existing non-iPhone AT&T will be processed.
– Business customers must go to an AT&T store.
– FamilyTalk plan buyers must purchase at least 2 iPhones, or have an existing iPhone to be used in the plan.
– More details expected throughout the week.

via macrumors

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