Gold Porsche 911 from Russia!

Gold Porsche 911 from Russia!

You probably don’t want to drive this gold Porsche 911 around as thieves will probably scrape off the gold as soon as you park it but it’s a nice Porsche 911 I’d kill to have one.

The filthy rich owner definitely has tons of cash strewn around to load it with 40 pounds of the pure gold. It seems only Porsche wasn’t enough for the guy hence he got it decked up to look like it is covered with golden plates! Roll over for more glitzy images…..

via bornrich

3 Responses to Gold Porsche 911 from Russia!

  1. How much must that 40lbs of gold cost? It looks really kinda tacky to me.

    I would’ve spent the money on another car instead!

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  3. I wouldn’t park it at the side of the road either. It would be down to bare steel in a few minutes if he lived around me.

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