Sharp working on Solar LCD TVs!

Sharp working on Solar LCD TVs!

Sharp is working on solar LCD TVs for houses without electricity.

The only question I have is, if they don’t get electricity, will they get any TV reception at all?  (Maybe air reception is good… real good…)

LCD prototype which uses just a quarter of the power (or a third measured annually) of a conventional CRT with the same screen size. That’s low enough to be suitably powered by a Sharp, triple-junction thin-film solar cell module whose surface area is roughly equivalent to that of the LCD screen.

via engadget

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  1. seo says:

    I thin LCD TVs are starting to use less and less energy anyway. It should not take much to power them anyway.

  2. Nicole Price says:

    The solar panel, should charge a battery, which will in turn power the TV as well as any set top box etc. At least that should be the theory behind this model.

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