Budweiser Telephone!

Budweiser Telephone!

If you can’t drink it, it’s not beer but if you can talk to it, it could be a Budweiser telephone. (or just a beer bottle and you got too drunk)

Too bad, the beer bottle isn’t real glass, making it too easy to tell it’s not a real beer bottle.

  • Very Vivid Budweiser beer shape phone.
  • Beer Telephone is prefect as a decoration in your bedroom / living-room / bar-table / computer desk / pub / snack store
  • Last Number Redial.
  • The functions of “*” and “#” button are not the same as usual telephones. The”*” button is for Redial, and the “#” button is for Pause. There are no usual “*” and “#” button in the Phone.
  • Enter your desired numbers, suppose the line is busy, just press the reset button and press”*” then the last number will be redialed automatically
  • When rings, pick up your phone, you will be incontact with your caller
  • Just stand the phone upright on any flat surface to hang up, lift to get dial tone.
  • Both Headphones and mike are attached on the body of the Budweiser bottle.

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