Boycott – Canadians Upset about High Price of iPhone 3G!


Canadians are upset about the high prices of the new iPhone 3G and what will they do to bring down the prices?

They are going to boycott iPhone 3G phones until the telecom companies bring down the price.

What do I think?

It’s a great idea as I have been guilty of boycotting iPhone for the last 2 years or so. (although I do own an iPod Touch, nothing wrong with that)

My boycott has to do with the fact that iPhone hooked up with AT&T’s slow network.  Even with the new 3G, I won’t buy one until “everyone” starts telling me it’s so fast instead of “it’s so slow”.

Here’s some news you can read up on Canadians:

Solution to high iPhone prices is not to buy one
One answer: Don’t buy the iphone

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