Mario Toys made out of Sheep’s Wool!

Mario Toys made out of Sheep\'s Wool!

Mario Toys made out of Sheep\'s Wool!

Here’s some Mario toys made out of sheep’s wool that can warm your body temperature when you hold them.

Of course, they are not super-friendly to chewing, biting, or anything you are not supposed to do with them.  (Yes, that means don’t buy one for your dog/cat)

Specializing in natural dolls and toys, each doll is lovingly hand made of natural materials and are great for imaginative play. The dolls are all double sewn for best quality and are stuffed with 100% sheep’s wool which will retain the body heat of one who holds them close. Have a look at all the different toys available and if there’s something you’d like made special feel free to contact me as custom orders are always welcome.

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