Biodegradable Organic Eco-Friendly Motor Oil made from Cow Fat!

Biodegradable Organic Eco-Friendly Motor Oil!

Well, I’ve never expected this to come along, a 10/30W engine oil for cars that actually produces no smoke when burned.  The label says 2-cycle so I guess it’s mostly for motorcycles at this point.

Green Earth Technologies, creator of organic engine products, has released their new automotive lubricant to its G-Oil line, a 10W-30 that has set a new biodegradability standard. The oil biodegraded over 90% in a speedy 9 days, blowing the 28-day rate of decomposition required by the American Society of Testing Materials out of the water. Pretty impressive.

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  2. Wow, great product. I will have to check this product out. Hopefully more technologies like this continue to be developed and renewable energy sources begin to be used.

  3. thinkpin says:

    awesome product! way to go!

  4. thinkpin says:

    awesome product. way to go!

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