Electric Fireflies for your (Kids’) night viewing pleasures!

Electric Fireflies for your (Kids\') night viewing pleasures!

Having a hard time finding a great lasting gift for your kids or yourself?  Here’s electric fireflies that glow in the night to soothe your ever-lasting romantic nights with your loved ones.  Whether that’s your kid or your wife, we will leave that up to you but do play nice in bed. 🙂

Fireflies are becoming increasingly rare in Japan and around the world, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy their beautiful lights without collecting them in jars! Denshi Hotaru (Electric Fireflies) from Sunnoda are realistic LED light creations in a real Japanese-style bamboo cage with vegetation included. They flicker and glow just like the real thing, and are a stylish accessory to any room or patio.

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