CheckTap is a “Programmable” Power Tap Device!

CheckTap is a \"Programmable\" Power Tap Device!

This is one of those gadgets, “why didn’t they think of this before?”.  The power tap device called CheckTap can be programmed via your PC through a USB cable to control and also schedule which and when your devices are on/off.

This gadget supposedly could save your home/office a whole lotta electricity, so long as you can “program” it.  I do assume that most people will be able to program this thing but do have my doubts that over 50% of population will probably be stuck trying to program it.  Maybe they can actually make a “smarter” device that you don’t have to program for the future and gadget-lovers like me.

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2 Responses to CheckTap is a “Programmable” Power Tap Device!

  1. Ah, but can this device be programmed to turn itself off too?
    Like many, I have some trouble coming to grips with the idea that devices on standby use up a lot of power, and should be turned off at the wall when they are not going to be required – like at night in an office. If that was not worth the bother, would it really be worth buying and programming this gadget? Suppose old fan cooled PCs and CRTs are a much bigger issue than the latest models. Perhaps this idea came too late …

  2. PPC says:

    Energy is not getting any cheaper, just look at the price of oil! Anything that can ease the load is wonderfully welcome. It would be preferable if it was automatic though, as anything that has to be programmed is open to operator error….

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