Throw Soccer Ball Alarm Clock!

Here’s a great way to wake up by throwing your alarm across the room to turn it off.  Get your stress out the moment you wake up with the Throw Soccer Ball Alarm Clock.

We know you’ve always wanted to throw that clock across the room…

These brilliant alarm clocks can only be turned off by bouncing them or throwing them – It’s the ultimate in morning anger management.

via 7gadgets

2 Responses to Throw Soccer Ball Alarm Clock!

  1. Nicole Price says:

    Absolutely brilliant idea. Whoever thought of this deserves the Nobel prize.

  2. Man, just as well I don’t have epilepsy – just looking at that fast bouncing picture could give you a fit!
    The trouble with that idea is that you would have to sleep in a gym, else imagine all the broken lights, pictures, ornaments or whatever from an angry toss.

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