Online Service lets Blind Surf the Internet from any Computer!

Here’s a cool new service that lets blind people surf the internet from any computer.  To use it, the person must be using a Windows PC and type the URL address of the website in order to get to it.

Provided that audio is working on the PC and there’s not internet connection problems, it should be a great solution.  Well, it’s a website really.

New software, called WebAnywhere, launched today lets blind and visually impaired people surf the Web on the go. The tool developed at the University of Washington turns screen-reading into an Internet service that reads aloud Web text on any computer with speakers or headphone connections.

“This is for situations where someone who’s blind can’t use their own computer but still wants access to the Internet. At a museum, at a library, at a public kiosk, at a friend’s house, at the airport,” said Richard Ladner, a UW professor of computer science and engineering. The free program and both audio and video demonstrations are at

via uwnews

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