DIY – How to Make your Own One Dollar Money Clip!

DIY - How to Make your Own Money Clip!

Here’s a real simple and easy way to keep your bills tidy and handy using 2 magnets, duct tape, and a dollar bill.

Get it?

It’s a money clip made from a couple of magnets and a bill of currency. He calls each one a “limited design”, because all paper currency in any country is uniquely numbered and therefore by its nature a “limited edition”.

via Yankodesign

3 Responses to DIY – How to Make your Own One Dollar Money Clip!

  1. max says:

    Lol…looks like someone put one up now on YD. Updated, no whining!

  2. W00D$T0(K says:

    u need a link. just look at the pic. take a dollar bill. take two magnets. get two peices of duct tape. take the magnets put them near the edges. take the tape and put them over the magnets. and ta da ur done. now how hard was that. my cousin in preschool could of told u this.

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