DIY – How to Make a Book using Google Docs!

DIY - How to Make a Book using Google Docs!

I’ve been thinking of writing several books lately and I came by this great guide on making a book using Google Docs over at Hackszine.

Currently, my editor Brian Jepson and I are collaboratively writing the book (tentatively titled) Google Office Hacks by O’Reilly using Google Docs. I wanted to outline the process we came up with, and maybe it’s helpful for you too for certain needs.

The base document we’re working on is the outline. It’s a linked table of contents which helps us to organize the broad shape of the book, and also see the status of progress. I’ve bookmarked the outline in Firefox and added a keyword shortcut within the bookmark properties, so to open it I just need to type “gohacks” into the browser address bar.

via hackszine

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