Sega’s new Japanese Robot for $500!

Sega\'s new Japanese Robot for $500!


Here’s a funky robot that dances to the music from Japan.  You can even hook up your iPod to enjoy your music on the robot.

It’s a robot for pure recreation, I am not sure how it’d sell in the U.S. market yet.

The two-wheeled, dancing A.M.P. (Automated Music Personality or Ampbot) from Sega-Hasbro stands 2.4-feet tall and features a MP3 or iPod cradle on its back, stereo speakers, and the ability to follow and interact with its owner. There’s a 5-inch mid-range speaker in the chest and a pair of smaller tweeters in the shoulders for a total output of 12 watts. Osamu Takeuchi of Sega Toys says, “The owner can also enjoy being chased around the house by the robot.

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