Samsung WiMAX Wave2 Products!

Samsung WiMAX Wave2 Products!

Isn’t it great that Samsung has probably developed over couple hundred WiMAX devices in the last few years while we, in the U.S., don’t even get to see WiMAX yet?

But no worries, as soon as Sprint gets their stuff together, we should be able to take advantage of the numerous different WiMAX devices available already by Samsung.

The good news?

They just rolled out with WiMAX Wave2 products which is even faster than the standard WiMAX.

Whoo Hoo!  Do expect to be watching live streaming HD movies in the bus real soon with the new WiMAX.

The really good news?

The WiMAX technology has been tested abroad in Korea already with success.  It’s only matter of time before we get hands on one here.

Samsung Electronics announced today it has been awarded with the world’s first WiMAX Forum Wave2 certification for both ‘Base Station’ and ‘Mobile Station’ which support the 2.5GHz band, at the WiMAX Forum Global Congress 2008, in Amsterdam.

The Mobile WiMAX Certified products are commercial grade ‘Mobile WiMAX Wave2 Base Station’ and ‘Mobile Station,’ the Express card type device, using Samsung’s own Mobile WiMAX Wave2 modem chipset, which will be commercially used in the Sprint-Nextel Mobile WiMAX service later this year.

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