Zojirushi Rice Cookers are the Best in the World!

Zojirushi Rice Cookers are the Best in the World!

When it comes to cooking rice, there’s no substitute for Zojirushi rice cooker from Japan.  Even as a Korean American who has lived in Korea for almost 1/3 of his life, Zorirushi is widely accepted even by Koreans as the best rice cooker.

You see all those “other” American rice cookers and they are all junk.  Now you can say anything about other gadgets but this one, I am right.   (But then again, this VitaClay one looks awefully good with clay inserts…)

If you are serious about cooking rice, you need to get one of these Zojurushi rice cookers equipped with microcontrollers and all that great shbang to cook great rice for your dinner.

I have one in my kitchen too, it was worth my $120 investment.

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  1. Nicole Price says:

    I am in total agreement! That is because, the Japanese want their rice just so! They are so fussy about their rice, and will settle for less in other dishes, but on rice, no way.

  2. Donna and Neil says:

    We agree! Which is why we sourced and started supplying the Zojirushi rice cookers for the UK and European market.

    Check us out at http://www.yumasia.co.uk

  3. Dan says:

    Hi People,

    We are a trusted seller based in Singapore selling Zojirushi rice cookers.

    If you are interested to buy from me, please email me at flyingpoet555@yahoo.com.

    Alternatively, you can buy from me at website http://www.ebay.co.uk, looking under the ebay ID of flying_pig888. Or simply search for Zojirushi rice cooker and you will find me there!

    Our prices are cheaper than UK-based sellers because we source our rice cookers at source in Asia (we are based in Asia anyway) and as Asians, we know a thing or two about rice cooker as we eat rice EVERYDAY!

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Dan & Will

  4. Amy Holmes says:

    Erm, that’s a bit of a racist comment isn’t it – so you think that only Asian people know about rice and rice cookers?

    I, for one, wouldn’t buy from you just because of that comment and I certainly wouldn’t trust ebay and it’s dodgy consumer protection, I’ve been stung too many times buying off ebay…sorry!

  5. max says:

    Lol…no I am not being racist but it’s true that Asian people in general know how to cook rice since rice is a main dish. I could say the same thing about bread with French people or Europeans of course.

  6. Hello,

    I have to agree with Max here.

    Zojirushi rice cookers remain the more elite in the industry. I have researched several Zojirushi models and have gathered many positive feedback concerning each.

    Some models range from $120 to $250, while the NP-HTC10 and HTC18 models sell for over $400 since they use advanced GABA nutrient-releasing technology.

    Overal, Zojirushi cookers prepare great quality white rice, sushi rice, and brown rice with a texture that is next to impossible to achieve when cooking with a stove pot.

    The instructions and ease of use offered by these units takes the guess work out of making fantastic rice. The cookers look great and offer a nice modern look and feel to any kitchen, and most come with several rice variety options onboard.

    The only common complaints I have come across are that:

    1) they are expensive…but hey, folks are getting what they pay for!

    2) they take a long time to complete a batch of rice (this is due to the pre-soaking programming and Fuzzy Logic monitoring technology which is what makes these cooker so great)

    Others in the industry to consider are Sanyo, Tiger, and Panasonic that come close to delivering what Zojirushi brings to the table.

    Hoping my post was of some help for folks interested in Zojirushi rice cookers!


  7. My family has owned two Zojirushi rice cookers — one was bought in 1991, and another in 2005. Both of them still work just fine, and the inner nonstick coating is as good as new.

    A while ago I moved out and I have had the chance of using smaller models, 3-cup capacity. My roommate had a Tiger rice cooker, but when I went on to my own place I decided on a Panasonic model. My main motivations were the slightly smaller price tag and electricity consumption.

    I wouldn’t bother buying an American rice cooker, having had such a variety of good experiences from other brands. Max’s thoughts do make sense.

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