Lamborghini USB Memory Stick!

Lamborghini USB Memory Stick!

You know, I keep telling myself that I will get to own one of these Lamborghinis one day but in the meanwhile if you can’t afford one, get a Lamborghini USB stick to fill your little desires.

Authentically designed and licensed by Lamborghini, the blue tinted windows, classic vented back windows and the sporty yellow or white paint job make this a car to have and a car to go with you anywhere.

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3 Responses to Lamborghini USB Memory Stick!

  1. MB Web Design says:

    It’s the closest I’m going to come to owning a Lambo, I think. One for the Christmas list this year

  2. chumpman says:

    Yea, something I can afford. I could finally tell my girlfriend, “Honey, I am getting myself a Lamborghini!”. LOL

  3. Traffic Secrets Review says:

    It’d be cool if they had Ferarri one’s too – I could start building my fantasy garage (well, as close to it as I’d ever get!)

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