Top 10 Best Golf Gadgets!

To celebrate that Tiger won today, (congrats Tiger) here’s top 10 best golf gadgets:

E-Ball bring Golf Simulator to your Home!

10. At number 10, the Golf Simulator is a must for your fat wallet. When I have enough money, I am gettin’ one of these in my gigantic garage.

Golf Ball Mouse and Mousepad!

9. The golf ball mouse and mousepad are pretty good sign you are a golf addict.

DIY - How to Make a Golf Hole/Cup using a Pringles Can!

8. Of course, golf doesn’t always cost a lot of money. With little creativity, you can create your own golf hole for putting in your house using a single Pringles box.

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7. Yes, you can get theese autonomous golf cart robots, a lot better than carrying your clubs or pushing that ol’ golf cart around. Then again, you can “jump” over stuff with these things…

RC golf ball

6. The RC golf ball is a great gadget for playing tricks on your partners when you play for some serious money.

5. Windproof Umbrella is a great umbrella for those windy courses where winds can reach up to 30-50MPH.

4. Golden Tee Golf is a classic golf game you must have regardless of how many great Wii golf games you have.

Assorted Mio Golf XE Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, Scorekeeper, Handicap Calculator and more

3. Heart rate monitor watch is a must if you are serious about monitoring your heart rates during intense competition.

Pop a Putt

2. Pop that putt out of there and get your money on your next putting bets.

1. Of course, you can’t miss out on making one of these golf club POVs I invented couple years back.

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