Nokia E71 Confirmed for Production!

Nokia E71 Confirmed for Production!

Nokia E71 looks so much like Blackberry 8830 I’ve got here, perhaps slimmer. If the price is right, Nokia E71 might not be a bad choice.

The E71 is one of the thinnest phones we’ve ever seen exit the doors of the Finnish giant, at 10mm thick, but there’s still plenty of room for everything you’d expect out of an E series phone like WiFi, HSDPA, A-GPS and even a 3.2 megapixel camera and a front facing camera for video chat — the main place the E71 differs on specs from its new E66 sibling is the 2.36-inch QVGA screen, just a fraction of an inch smaller. The E71 even manages to squeeze in extra battery, with 20 days of standby, 10.5 hours of GSM talk or 4.5 hours of 3G talk. There’s 110MB of built-in storage and a microSD slot if you grow out of that, and the same business / personal switcher of the E66.

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