Nooka Watch is Hard to Read!

Nooka Watch is Hard to Read!

Well it seems like more and more watch designers think you simply have to make the watch unreadable to make it cool and I agree it does look real cool.

The horizontally-designed Nooka Zen-H takes Nooka into the direction Matthew, Nooka’s founder and designer, originally intended.

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  1. Dur Tahar says:

    I wear this watch (not the silver metal one, the black one with the same design) every day. I find it really easy to read, after the first two weeks you really get used to it. Unlike most other watches like this, this one is no problem at all to read once you adjust to it. No math, no counting, just a glance.

    It’s also really fun when other people see it and you get to see how long it takes them to figure it out. Some get it right away and some need a few extra tries.

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