World’s Strongest Man Made Tornado Rules!

Watch the vid and see the world’s strongest man made tornade in action!

This must be great way for scientists to discover ways to stop tornados too.

You may have seen this man-made wonder before, but Guinness World Records has now proclaimed it to be the world’s “strongest artificially generated tornado”. At 34.43-meters high, it uses over 140 separate jets to inject 28-tons of air into the courtyard, generating an artificial tornado. It’s not just for show, this also serves to eliminate smoke in the event of a fire according to the museum’s manager.

via techeblog

2 Responses to World’s Strongest Man Made Tornado Rules!

  1. Josh says:

    Although this looks cool, I personally think tornadoes suck. BIG time.

  2. i must admit that looks really sick , although i must ask … is it really necessary ?

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