Ultrasonic Golf Club Cleaner!

Ultrasonic Golf Club Cleaner!Ultrasonic Golf Club Cleaner!

Ultrasonic Golf Club Cleaner!

Wow, if I had enough money, I’d buy one of these ultrasonic golf club cleaners and revitalize all my golf clubs.


It is a known fact that dirt buildup on the face of a golf club takes backspin off the ball and affects the angle and distance of the golfer’s shot. Clean grooves propel each shot higher and farther, with increased backspin, so the ball sticks on the green. This can change the golfer’s overall score and consistency of game.

Cleaning Golf Clubs with the Clean-A-Club Machine

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• Golf Club Cleaning

Smooth, dirty grips can slip from a golfer’s hands. Many golfers have had the embarrassing moment of accidentally throwing a club.

Dirt and grime age clubs. Expensive clubs can pit and discolor if not cleaned regularly.

With Morantz Ultrasonic Golf Club Cleaners, all the problems associated with dirty clubs are removed. Within 2 minutes, even the toughest built-up dirt in grooves is removed safely and gently.

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  1. me and my best friend are members of the local town golf club, i am really excited to play golf -`*

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