DIY Paper Origami V-12 Four-Stroke Engine!

Paper Origami V-12 Four-Stroke Engine!


This paper origami V12 engine actually runs!  You can buy plans from the creator here.

Built by a self-employed Montreal man named Yee, the Origami V-12 is a paper engine that pumps just like real engines (with the help of electrical wires, a resistor, a motor and a battery holder). It looks complicated because it is: One V-12 engine consists of 195 sheets of fine-printed patterns. From those sets, 1,978 pieces are used in total. And it only weighs 3.2 lbs when finished. This makes your 1,000-piece puzzle look like a piece of cake.

via wired

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  1. Nicole Price says:

    Unbelievable! Takes a particular kind of mental make up to go to all that trouble. I sure would not have the patience.

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