Roadrunner Supercomputer – The Fastest $133 Million computer in the World!

Roadrunner Supercomputer - The Fastest $133 Million computer in the World!

I’ve always been fond of supercomputers and I even did a college final project on supercomputers. (That’s 10 years ago..)

Here’s Roadrunner Supercomputer, based out of Los Alamos National Laboratory, supposedly a lot faster than the now-runner-up BlueGene from Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in Livermore, California.

Damn, I wish Google released how big their computers are, I bet it lists high on the list too.

The new machine is more than twice as fast as the previous fastest supercomputer, the I.B.M. BlueGene/L, which is based at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California.

The new $133 million supercomputer, called Roadrunner in a reference to the state bird of New Mexico, was devised and built by engineers and scientists at I.B.M. and Los Alamos National Laboratory, based in Los Alamos, N.M. It will be used principally to solve classified military problems to ensure that the nation’s stockpile of nuclear weapons will continue to work correctly as they age. The Roadrunner will simulate the behavior of the weapons in the first fraction of a second during an explosion.

via nytimes

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