Motorized Spray Bottle – Let’s get Lazier!

Motorized Spray Bottle - Let\'s get Lazier!

Aren’t you tired of pumpin’ that spray bottle?  Well, now there’s a motorized pump solution just like there are motorized breast pumps.

This 48oz multi-purpose motorized sprayer makes all these tasks a breeze.  Featuring a patented dual-reciprocating pump, this sprayer works double time, (on both up and down strokes) delivering product right where you want it.

A one-touch trigger stops the constant finger pull repetition helping relieve and eliminate hand & wrist fatigue.  Easy to use, easy to operate, no more pumping… ready, set, spray!

  • Motorized one touch power
  • Wide mouth for easy filling
  • Relieves hand & wrist fatigue
  • Adjustable stream or spray nozzle

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