Microdia 64GB CompactFlash Card!

Microdia 64GB CompactFlash Card!

CompactFlash, 64GB!!??!!

BRISBANE: Flash memory company, Microdia, launched its new business in Australia with a world-first 64 GB compact flash card shown first at PMA — the Microdia XTRA ELITE CF card has a 45 MBS data transfer rate and can store up to a claimed 19,000 photos.

Microdia founder and CEO, Louis Leung, said that it specifically chose the PMA expo in Australia to launch the new card as a demonstration of the company’s commitment to the local market as well as a showcase of its credentials.

“We have only been in Australia for a matter of weeks, and decided the best way to demonstrate our capabilities and intent to offer the world’s best flash memory products here was to launch this product at Australia’s leading professional photography trade show, PMA.”

Although a new brand to the Australian market, Leung pointed out that his company has an established track record in memory technology.

“As a new brand to Australia, but as the world’s second largest flash memory company — in terms of production capacity — with a 17 year history, globally launching the 64GB CF card in Australia at PMA will give us tremendous early momentum in this market.”

Microdia’s claim that the 64GB card can store up to 19,000 high resolution photos is based on a 20 megapixel camera taking jpeg images.

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