DIY Hexapod CNC Robot!


I thought CNC machines were impressive, this one gets an extra star from me.


For these two videos I’m using a 1/16″ two flute slot cutter, the router is running at approx 35,000 Rpm, the additional battery on the to of the hex is a 12V NiMh 4500mah pack just to run the router. DXF files are loaded in to artcam where G-code tool paths are created. Due to the 10mm thickness of the poly and the cutter only being 6mm long, I chose to do two passes on the workpiece, this also shows that although the resolution is low, repeatability is good enough for multiple passes. Material is held down by the weight of the hexapod, which is current;y 4.3Kg with the router and additional battery pack

[via hackedgadgets] – hexapodrobot

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