Sprint Samsung Instinct is great but the videos suck!


There are bunch of videos on how to use the new Sprint Samsung Instinct but there’s NO VIDEOS on the browser of the Samsung Instinct.

If Sprint is serious about competing with the iPhone (from a marketing perspective), they gotta get rid of all that voice activated live search crap and make some videos of YouTube playing on the phone OR loading Zedomax.com on the browser.

I think whoever is managing the video marketing section of Samsun Instinct need to be fired.  That’s what I’d do.  Hire someone who’s capable of making good vids.

I personally HATE voice-activated commands because my Blackberry 8830 always ask me, “Say a command” like 10 times a day, it’s annoying and people don’t need voice activated stuff.  I wish manufacturers start focusing more on the internet browser of the phone instead of voice activated technology I’d never use.

Great phone + bad marketing, Sprint better get their act straight soon otherwise people will laugh at them.  (if they are not laughing now)

2 Responses to Sprint Samsung Instinct is great but the videos suck!

  1. Eva White says:

    Well, marketing can make or break a product. Lets hope they get their act together real soon.

  2. KS_Naslund says:

    Hehehe, I don’t think Samsung has annnnything to worry about; I’m sure you know by now the Instinct’s been signed on to Telus, Bell and Sprint and each have their own advertising placed on the phone. It’s already a top selling product on the three subscribers and Telus JUST picked up the phone on the 20th.

    I’ve seen Youtube played on the html browser on this phone, how does it not have video?

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