Linux starting to take over the world with Mini-notebooks and netbooks!

Linux starting to take over the world with Mini-notebooks and netbooks!

Recently, I’ve been noticing that more and more laptop manufacturers are putting Linux on their mini-notebooks inluding the Eec PCs.

I’ve actually predicted that Linux would take over Windows back in year 1999 within 5 years.  Boy was I wrong but my prediction that Linux will take over Windows will be true in about another 5 years AFTER the mini-laptop sales really takes off and Linux takes over 50% market share.

Well, it could just be me rambling, then again, it is true that Linux is virtually free and easily customizable to any small laptops as the operating system doesn’t take much resources than even a Windows XP.

Microsoft is afraid of Linux!

Microsoft is afraid of Linux because once people start catching on to Linux and start using it more often, there will be no more need for Windows.  By then, the only way Microsoft will be able to compete with Linux is by going open-source and making Windows royalty-free.

Want to know about how Linux came about?

Linux basically arised out of a steroid-equipped Minix.  Minix was an operating system made for educational purposes by copying Unix.  The creator of Minix, Mr. Tannenbaum never made any big money off Minix.

However, Linus Torvalds, hacked Minix and created Linux.  Linux is basically a free Unix really.

Mr. Torvalds never really made big bucks off Linux either as he wasn’t greedy like Bill Gates.  He did however revolutionize how open-software was made forever.  If you don’t believe me, take a look at Wikipedia.  Linux was there first, not Wikipedia.

Microsoft sits alone at the cafe as Acer walks out, peering into its empty coffee cup, thinking, “I don’t need her anyway.” What are we getting at? Acer VP of Marketing Gianpiero says the computer company is seeing a big future with Linux. He says the cost of Windows over Linux — especially in its low-cost products like the Aspire One — is the biggest reason, and offered this meta explanation: “We have shifted towards Linux because of Microsoft. Microsoft has a lot of power and it is going to be difficult, but we will be working hard to develop the Linux market.” It’s not you, Microsoft. It’s Acer. Really.

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