Is Samsung i900 an iPhone Killer?

Is Samsung i900 an iPhone Killer?

Is Samsung i900 an iPhone Killer? I think not with a Windows Mobile and no flash support.

An orientation sensor is built into the i900. When rotated, it does this fancy transition whereby the display shrinks and expands back to fill the screen in a different orientation. The 240 x 400 display does seem a little weird, but is not unheard of–we’ve seen it in the ASUS M930’s internal display. It makes sense, too, if you are to use it as a media player because the aspect ratio is much closer to the 16:9 aspect ratio commonly seen in movie files. To that end, the i900 also comes with a media application that supports DivX and Xvid out of the box.

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8 Responses to Is Samsung i900 an iPhone Killer?

  1. Eva White says:

    Sounds too psychedelic to me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What are u talking about? Iphone doesnt suport flash either….

  3. Mass says:

    I think that Samsung is ok and it will permit several paerson get Iphone or Samsung i900 as there preferences. Yes samsung i900 came to to kill Iphone. Iphone price is very hight then with the equal mobil they will make price low….

  4. If anything the i900 will dwarf the iPhone’s camera and storage capabilities. I think the Windows 6.0 should be sufficient enough for the average user, and let’s not forget the price … in some cases with certain promotions, will be available for free. Maybe not the iPhone killer, but thorn in iPhone’s side … YES.

  5. pamboy says:

    its cool

  6. pamboy says:

    its cool

  7. pamboy says:

    its cool

  8. NewGuy says:

    Samsung i900 is great . I’ve been using it for 5 months , and I’m very happy with this Windows mobile phone .

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