DIY – How to Make a Wireless Accelerometer Mouse Pointer!


This is a great project for your school final project.

Human Interfacing Device is key area in modern electronics era. Gesture recognition can be well introduced in modern day computers to play 3-D games. Virtual Reality is not far away from our doorsteps. Simple inertial navigation sensor like accelerometer can be utilized in getting Dynamic or Static acceleration profile of movement to move cursor of mouse or Gyroscope to even rotate 3-D object. We propose a technique on same principle to convert acceleration profile of accelerometer into distance with double integration. Accuracy might be issue as errors keeps on adding in double integration but with robust signal processing it would not create problems. Only limitation will be in movements that cause little acceleration which puts upper limit on sensitivity of sensor. (In mill volts per g, g= 9.8m/s2)

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  1. jcup2306 says:

    that looks pretty poorly done.

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