Beer Smellin’ Robot

Beer Smellin\' Robot

Beer smellin’ robot finds you BEER! Can I order one please?

The iXs developed bot is now fully grown and fettered to Fujitsu and Kawasaki on a Japanese press tour. The bot features an impressive bag of tricks including an accelerometer (“ooo, it’s bumpy”), light sensor (“don’t forget to turn on the lights”), and voice guided navigation with the ability to point the way and describe nearby points of interest (read: honey pots). It’ll even detect alcohol on your breath and presumably take a swipe at your jugular in just retribution.

via engadget

2 Responses to Beer Smellin’ Robot

  1. juicer girl says:

    Hm… Smells beer, complains about the speed, cares about the light…sounds like a replacement for a girlfriend 🙂

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