World’s First x3 32Gb Flash Memory NAND by Hynix Semiconductor!

World\'s First x3 32Gb Flash Memory NAND by Hynix Semiconductor!

I almost worked for Hynix, a semiconductor company in Korea, but their job descriptions were all boring and you had to work in the rural part of Korea. Mind you, I love big cities, I hate suburban areas, just my personality type.  I stuck out in the busiest part of Seoul and lived a block away from like 100 bars, 20 nightclubs, and etc…etc…   Yes, it was a lot of fun, I got hideously drunk and did get to poke around some stuff…  Okay, maybe this is too much personal information, just go take a bong rip and you can forget what I just said.

Anyways, Hynix, that company that I am thankful God to not work for, has developed a new NAND flash memory.

Hynix Semiconductor, the second largest manufacturer of flash memory, has developed a new NAND flash memory, 30% smaller than current memory.

The 32 gigabyte flash memory integrates three bits per cell and thus providing a data storage capacity far higher than current MLC NAND (2bits per cell).

NAND flash memories are mainly used in digital cameras, USB flash drives, mobile phones, and music players like the Apple iPod.

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