WiMax will replace WiFi Soon!

WiMax will replace WiFi Soon!

One thing iPhone consumers don’t realize is that, THEY’VE BEEN HAD by AT&T by junky cellular internet connections.  Now AT&T is going to TAKE YOUR MONEY AGAIN AND RUN!

All the hype about iPhone is great for AT&T and Apple by not so great for us regular joe consumers who don’t know jack shit about what really is going on behind the scenes.

The truth is simple, CDMA by Sprint is faster than AT&T’s GSM and probably will be still faster after the so-called “over-marketed” second generation 3G is out.  (HELLO!  It’s still 3G!!!  People WAKE UP! 3G IS SLOW!!! WiMAX IS FAST!!!)

WiMax is currently only planned by Sprint out of all the US telecommunication companies.

What will happen?

Eventually, Sprint will monopolize the new faster mobile internet market while everyone else keeps “over-marketing” and selling outdated technology.

Are you still going to buy another iPhone when AT&T just took your money and ran with their outdated cellular technology (they BOUGHT from Cingular?).  My advice is never to trust someone again if he stole your money before.

As a consumer, we all have the right to know what we are buying, don’t buy it because Steve Jobs makes it look cool, buy it because it’s FAST and practical.  iPhone, I am sorry, is not a practical device for practical people.  It’s a great phone equipped with the wrong cellular technology(AT&T).  On the other hand, iPod Touch does make sense.

I’ve been banging my readers about how great WiMax will be well I will stop that now and let someone else speak for me:

At least, that’s the future according to Robert Morrow, a retired Air Force Academy electrical engineering professor writing in the May 23 issue of the journal Science.

He sees a day when laptops will be sold with WiMAX interfaces as routinely as they are today sold with Wi-Fi interfaces.

The difference is that you will be able to get online anyplace you can get cell-phone service, including on the road.

But unlike the Wi-Fi connection you get while cozying up to your laptop while slurping a hot one at Starbucks, it won’t be free — you’ll probably get it as a subscription service through a local cell phone carrier.

via foxnews

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