WiMax, Mini-Laptops, and Intel’s Support

WiMax, Mini-Laptops, and Intel\'s Support

A lot of tech bloggers (I won’t name them here) have been bashing how crappy WiMAX is when they haven’t even used it or don’t even know what the chip manufacturers are doing.

Well, finally here’s proof.  At least if Intel is thinking of new CPUs with WiMAX support, it’s going to explode!

I am going to get one of these cool UMPC with WiMax embedded.

Look at the logos of companies already making WiMAX devices, the future is coming soon!

WiMax, Mini-Laptops, and Intel\'s Support

And check out how Intel’s now focusing on Netbooks, or mini-laptops.  Holy Geesus, WiMax and Mini-laptops are gonna kill the gadget world for next 5-10 years at least!

Intel will also introduce processors and some chipsets for its next-generation mobile PC platform called Intel Centrino 2 processor technology, formerly codenamed Montevina, during the week of July 14. Intel’s full line of chipsets and its Wi-Fi wireless product will ship in early August.

Intel has developed an integrated WiMAX/Wi-Fi solution, codenamed Echo Peak that will be available as an option for certain Intel Centrino 2 processor technology-based notebook PCs.

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