DIY – How to Make a Alcohol Distiller with a Rice Cooker!

DIY - How to Make a Alcohol Distiller with a Rice Cooker!

Here’s a great DIY on how to distill that rice wine using a rice cooker.

A still has two parts, a boiler and a condenser.

A rice cooker/warmer makes a great boiler.
It’s got a rubber gasket so all the steam goes out the vent. It’s insulated so all the heat goes into the mash.

A plastic garbage bag makes a great condenser.
It’s got lots of surface area, cooling and condensing the vapor very quickly.
In my experiments it didn’t need to be vented and hardly puffed up at all.

I tested my still by distilling a gallon of “rice wine for cooking” which has salt added to it to keep people from using it as a beverage. I put the bag in a tub to keep it from rolling off the table when it got heavy, and in case the bag leaked.

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4 Responses to DIY – How to Make a Alcohol Distiller with a Rice Cooker!

  1. seo says:

    So how was the end result? Can I do this with other stuff like sugar? Apparently people extract alcohol from boiling sugar with something else.

  2. max says:

    Yeah, I think you can use this for pretty much any type of distilling…well i am not an expert…

  3. PokerCat says:

    You need to ferment the sugar, or sugary liquid into beer or wine first, before you distill it.

    To be most efficient, you want to have as the maximum amount of sugar turned into “wine” based alcohol, that way you can distill off the most high proof alcohol per volume of “wine”.

    Actually, rum is distilled fermented sugar water, or molasses.
    grapes->wine->brandy, Apple juice->cider->applejack in the US, or calvados in France.

    Check out the Episode 51 of the Revision 3 show, Systm.

  4. Mole says:

    Great way to poison yourself.

    (Hint – check the toxicity of garnage bags)

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