SurfJet – Motorized Surf Board!

SurfJet - Motorized Surf Board!

Here’s a surf board that needs zero waves for you to enjoy. You can now officially “walk” on water.

These surfjets are probably best for learning to balance on a surfboard.

(Video after the jump)


Surfjetin’ is surprisingly easy. The Malibu and Pacifica models are great for beginners and the Freestyle is for the H2O hotshots. They are all designed to be stable – even when you’re just catchin’ rays. When you start jettin’, you’ll progress from laying down to sitting or kneeling to . . . WALKIN’ ON WATER! Simply lean in the direction you want to go and you’re carving corners. GETTIN’ WET WAS NEVER THIS MUCH FUN!

via deckjetwatercraft

2 Responses to SurfJet – Motorized Surf Board!

  1. Heads up, the video is not there.

    I think this is a brilliant idea to learn to surf as the hardest part is staying on the board. Builds confidence.

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