Hacking a Smart Card with Acetone and Nitric Acid…

Hacking a Smart Card with Acetone and Nitric Acid...

Here’s a great video explaining the works behind hacking a smart card.

Looks like it’s a very dangerous process, much more dangerous than making methamphetamine.


SAN DIEGO — Christopher Tarnovsky feels vindicated. The software engineer and former satellite-TV pirate has been on the hot seat for five years, accused of helping his former employer, a Rupert Murdoch company, sabotage a rival to gain the top spot in the global pay-TV wars.

But two weeks ago a jury in the civil lawsuit against that employer, NDS Group, largely cleared the company — and by extension Tarnovsky — of piracy, finding NDS guilty of only a single incident of stealing satellite signals, for which Dish was awarded $1,500 in damages.

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