How to Make the Jigsaw Killers Headtrap

How to Make the Jigsaw Killers Headtrap

Yuck, here’s how to make the Jigsaw Killers Headtrap from the Saw movie….

This is my second build themed around the ‘Saw’ movies for our halloween party. It details the construction of a replica head trap as worn by Amanda in the first saw movie. This costume is for my fiance who puts up with my weirdness but also goes to the same parties. It should probably be pointed out about now that this wont actually rip her head off if she doesnt escape it in time.

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3 Responses to How to Make the Jigsaw Killers Headtrap

  1. Nathan says: doesnt rip of her head it rips open her jaws.

  2. Amanda says:

    um yeah it rips off her jaws not hear head…yeah….wow….its attached to both her jaws and she survives from it….but Amanda dies in the 3rd movie at the end…..=]

  3. s says:

    thats so sh** xD

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