DIY – How to Make an Egyptian PC Case!

Egyptian PC Mod!

Anyone up for an Egyptian PC case mod???

Looks freakin’ authentic.  Maybe they dugg it out of an actual pyramid…

Conceived and constructed by Chris Kramer (a.k.a “Jadragon”), his EgyptMod PC is detailed with intricate hieroglyphics and encrusted with jewels. I’m especially mesmerized by Eye of Ra detail crafted from brass and inlaid with polished malachite and verisite.

In the QuetzalMod Feathered Serpent case, I suggested that one did not have to use anything other than some simple craft techniques to create a unique, personalized, computer chassis. However, for this project, I applied some of my more specialized jewelry metal-working and lapidary (gemstone cutting and polishing) skills. Add a dash of rough stone working, sixty or seventy pounds of limestone floor tile, and a stuffed dog and I created my EgyptianMod case. Oh yeah, I did add a computer system board and some other components in there somewhere too.

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