Protect Your TV from Wii Damage with TV Armor!

Protect Your TV from Wii Damage with TV Armor!

Now you can protect your precious HDTV you just bought with TV Armor, a thick acrylic protection that goes over the front of your TV.  Definitely, this is what you need if you play Wii.

I have to ask though, is the image still same after putting this on?

TV Armor covers your fragile TV with a clear acrylic shield. Small felt spacers around the perimeter of the Screen Protector protects the surface of your TV and provides a cushion space for the Armor to flex and absorb the impact from flying objects. Without this cushion space, an object’s impact would transfer directly to the surface of the TV, cracking it.
In effect, TV Armor is like a clear bullet proof vest for your TV (Please do not shoot your TV Smile ).

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4 Responses to Protect Your TV from Wii Damage with TV Armor!

  1. ipod touch says:

    Can you surely not just use the controller strap? This whole shield seems slightly unnecessary to say the least!


  2. Brad says:

    I played at my neighbors and the end of the tennis racket plowed right into the TV Screen causing $1,000 damage. It is all over the net about the damage the Wii is causing.

  3. anonymous says:

    sounds like a good idea. but people just really need to be more careful.

  4. furious about the wii remote says:

    Yeah you can just be more carefull. That is what I said untill my mother-n-law launched it at the TV. Now we always use the strap but I can’t worry about one of my kid’s friends losing controll. We lost one $1700 TV and we are not losing another. On another note, after we lost the TV, one of the staps broke loose on my son and the remote went flying across the room. So yeah, we are buying a protective screen!

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