OLPC has joined Microsoft XP!

OLPC has joined Microsoft XP!

OLPC has just announced that they will be using Microsoft XP operating system on their $100 laptops. This is ridiculous and does go completely against their original core values.

They have lost faith from me at least, teaming up with Microsoft is the worst decision they could make, especially if their core values were about not using proprietary monopolized technology.

Their excuse is that they are not selling enough units and some countries are requiring Windows platform.

Screw them, focus on your core value.

What is it like?

It’s like an eco-friendly company who just signed up with a lumber company just so they can sell more of the recycled boxes…

These guys are probably in it for the money now more than they are trying to help people.

I might be harsh here but if they keep this up, we might as well call them scammers.

Microsoft has joined forces with the developers of the “$100 laptop” to make Windows available on the machines.

The move was prompted by countries which demanded the operating system before placing an order.

Trials of laptops loaded with Windows will begin in “four to five” countries from June, the organisations said.

The founder of One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), which developed the machines, denied the move was a “desperate new measure” to secure more orders.

By the way, this article is wrong too, the founder has “left” the company after the company’s decision to join Microsoft.  Go Walter, you rulez!

via bbc

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