Napa’s Winery Implements a Solar Farm!

Napa\'s Winery Implements a Solar Farm!

Remember the post on the world’s largest college solar farm of 16 acres?  Well, a winery in Napa has implements a similar deal to power their own winery.

This is great stuff and Wineries are perfect for solar panels as the grapes are in a very “sunny” environment.

Called a “floatovoltaic” solar array, it is a collection of almost 1,000 solar panels hitched to pontoons that float in the vineyard’s irrigation pond.

In tandem with another 1,300 panels next to the pond, the entire array will generate about 4.000 kilowatts of energy at peak time, covering the winery’s annual electricity use.

The panels in Far Niente’s solar array, made by Sharp Solar Systems, were installed by SPG Solar.

[via engadgetcrave]

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