Foam Car built by a Lithuanian!

Foam Car built by a Luthuanian!

A Lithuanian builds a car from scratch using polyurethane foam.  It’s an amazing work of an art.  Perhaps he did it because foam weighs less than other meterials?

The car is probably not your daily driver but still, with the 30″ chrome wheels, you can at least look good in it.

Polyurethane, the wonder-polymer used in everything from appliances and textiles to electronics and footwear, is apparently the car building material-of-choice for this “sculptor” in Lithuania. You’d recognize his particular mixture of the foam as the same type of messy stuff we use to fill cracks and gaps around windows. Tossing all OSHA and DOT regulations out the window (no problem in Lithuania), this crafty coach-builder mixes up batches of PU foam in 2-liter soda bottles before “applying” them to the framework of his creation. Held in place by scrap cardboard until it sets hard, the foam can then be sculpted, sanded, primed, and eventually painted.

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