Android Application Store?

Android Application Store?

As they say, “nothing is really free”, especially anything from Google.

Hey, they gotta make money one way or another.  It’s just as simple as that.

According to Android project leader, Andy Rubin, Google might offer an application store–similar to one for the iPhone–for its Android mobile operating system sometime in the near future.

via cnet

2 Responses to Android Application Store?

  1. Studio Equipment says:

    And why not? Poor fellows, they need it so badly! Why resent it? Let them have all that they can take from unsuspecting sods.

  2. SEO Tips says:

    Google has to capitalise somehow, and setting up Android stores will be a cool opportunity for franchisees to buy into the Google juggernaut’s success. Let’s face it, mobile is the way forward, and they seem to have their ticket to mobile success!

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