Kick Off Online Soccer Game


CRSpace, a online game company in Korea, has just launched their beta version of the new soccer game, Kick Off.

You can try it here, it’s kinda slow because the servers are hosted in Korea but it looks like another great online soccer game that will eventually kick off the socks off most teenagers.

The Kick Off stands for a soccer game, namely, ‘Street Soccer’ which anyone can easily play, and which has been reinterpreted and restructured from existing soccer games by offering improved features. Users now can enjoy a realistic action, cartoon rendering typed graphics environment with a simplified operating system, etc. with the Kick Off.

CRSpace has applied an RPG feature in anticipation of growing Kick Off. User can choose a character from different positions, i.e. Forward, Mid fielder, Deep fielder, etc., as Soccer is one of the sports required organization and develop unique skills and abilities of the character at different levels.

After it is commercialized, there is a plan to introduce a league system. A ‘league system’ will be operated under a separate channel, in which users can play through ‘automatic team matching’, that is, a winning team plays with another winning team, whereas a losing team plays with another losing team, so as to enjoy more interesting features within the game by matching teams with similar talents to play against each other.

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