Walking Spider Tractor Machine!


Yikes, this looks like a spider alien to me more than a useful machine.  Neverthless, way too cool…

We should see these replacing traditional tractor machines in the near future.

It’s a Plustech Oy / John Deere hexapod logging machine prototype. It looks amazing! Plustech Oy Walking Machine(it seems to down) has strong six-legged, it features to make a logging machine that does less damage to the forest and can move through more challenging terrain than wheeled or tracked logging machines. Depending on the terrain, the ground pressure can be adjusted by changing the machine��s six shoes, according to Plustech Oy. When the machine confronts obstacles, it simply steps over them. Check out see the video of walking Logging Spider( a very cool video, it really likes a spider).

[via techfreshlikecool]

One Response to Walking Spider Tractor Machine!

  1. Nicole Price says:

    That looks like a really scary creature out of an ET movie.

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