Toyota rolls out Night View “Body Detection” system!

Toyota rolls out Night View \

Wow, here’s an innovation that’s only going to get better and better from Toyota.

It’s a night view system that detects people at speeds lower than 60km/hour. Well, eventually, they should be able to add a feature where the car will stop automatically if the car is running into a human being.

Future is here!

The newest Crown Hybrid employs pattern recognition to recognize pedestrians. Multiple sets of image data on the shapes of pedestrians have been prepared and, the shape of the image shot by the system is compared with the data. When the system determines that a pedestrian is present, yellow frames are displayed around the pedestrian as well as the entire image on the screen.

The yellow frame surrounding the entire image helps driver to recognize pedestrians without moving the sight to the LCD meter.

The LCD meter has a resolution of 1280 x 480 dots. The size of the image indicated by the Night View system is 614 x 346 dots. Vehicle speed, brightness and weather are the conditions that affect the activation of the pedestrian detection function of the Night View system.

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