Pong Cycle

Pong Cycle


Pong cycle anyone???

Cyclepong is an update of the classic arcade game Pong to use bikes as the controllers. To read about the first version of Cyclepong go to the Cyclepong page. I always wanted Cyclepong to be something that lots of people would get to play with. My original idea was to take it to music festivals over the summer, but things took a bit of an unexpected turn after I took it to the Dorkbot London Christmas special.

One of the people who played Cyclepong at Dorkbot was Tessa Hunkin who was there showing her lovely work on illuminated books. She suggested her brother Tim Hunkin might be interested as he runs an alternative amusement arcade on Southwold Pier. Through Tim we arranged to demonstrate Cyclepong to the pier’s manager Stephen one winter afternoon.

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