DIY – How to Make a 2 Tap Cornelius Kegerator!

DIY - How to Make a 2 Tap Cornelius Kegerator!

HEre’s a fun DIY that shows you how to turn a small refrigerator into a 2 Tap Cornelius Kegerator so you can drink all day and night long. Great job guys, this is the best DIY this year so far, cheers!

Recently we decided that we were tired of bottle conditioning our beer ( a 1 to 2 week process that gets you carbonated beer) it’s long and boring and we were sick of it. The solution? KEG IT! Kegging your beer means that instead of cleaning 36-50 bottles you clean a single keg and your liquid lines. Commercial kegs are great and all, but they are not easily re-fillable at home with your own stock. Home brewers solve this problem with Cornelius kegs. The great thing about these is their ease of use, and that their tall instead of fat. A mini-fridge used as a kegerator can often hold 2 Cornelius Kegs where it could only hold a single quarter barrel commercial keg. You end up with 2 types of beer, more volume of beer, and it tastes better too.

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